How do successful people think?

Let’s examine two people as example. Let’s name them Joe and Tan. Joe became a millionaire by lottery while tan became a multimillionaire because of his businesses. If we take away both all they have Joe surely will still be poor but Tan probably knows how to take it all back. That’s because the difference between a succesful person and an average one isn’t what they own but on what they think. First type of thinking successful people do is big picture thinking. When we look around we see a lot of people everyday worrying about unimportant things  like when should I pay my taxes  what should I watch next in youtube . While neglecting the things that really matter  while exercise and taking care of our bodies.

Those are the things that really matter in the long run as paying your cellphone bill is not the end of the world. This example can be liken to a donkey who has a carrot in front of him and neglects everything around him but only manages to look at the carrot. (Spiritually blind)

Basically, big picture thinking allow thing to open up opportunities by allowing us to see the whole situration. If we don’t look at the big picture scenarios is like a donkey that is fixated on only the carrot and become blinded to the whole bigger picture.

When we are using the big picture thinking we should answer the following:

  • What are you going to do next
  • Why are we doing it
  • What do you want to accomplish

By big picture thinking this helps us discover our goals .

Remember this quote from the cat in the Alice in wonderland movie.

“If you don’t where you’re going, any road can take you there.”

Second type of thinking is focus type of thinking. While big picture thinking helps us to be on track, focus thinking allows us to complete individual task. This kind of thinking allow us to be productive. It take a while for our mind to focus but if you really devote your time you will have very productive thinking after.